An intuitive community management tool written in discord.js + klasa
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An intuitive Discord bot perfect for your server


Aero is a project centered around two things that we've seen being poorly done in other bots time after time:

  • moderation
  • user engagement

Our goal is to make advanced moderation and anti-raid as intuitive and easy to use as possible, while not missing out on any features other bots have.
If you're currently using a bot like Dyno, Carl, Mee6, or any of the major multiuse bots, there's a high chance that Aero can fully replace them, while more effectively protecting you and your members from raids, spam, or just known baddies.


You can find Aero's community documentation at

By inviting, using, selfhosting, or distributing Aero or the source code or binary form of Aero or its parts, or our website you agree to Aero's Terms of Service. Any data you submit on our website or in the hosted bot falls under our Privacy Policy. Make sure you've read carefully and agreed to both documents before continuing.

Before selfhosting, please look at the LICENSE. As a non-legally-binding summary: you're allowed to do whatever you want with the bot, as long as you keep all attribution notices in, i.e. don't "sell it as your own".

If you're taking code from this project, or are working on a project inspired by Aero, you might be required to credit us. We've written up a few templates to save you some time below under templates.

Services and tools we use and appreciate

We make use of several amazing services which support us with open-source licenses:

  • JetBrains is the company behind IntelliJ, the main IDE we use to develop Aero
  • ngrok provides easy tunnels to localhost, we use them to simplify getting slash commands from Discord to Aero
  • Cloudflare keeps our services safe from attacks and speeds up our websites

On its own, Aero is pretty cool. But there are some tools we use to extend this even further. Those are:

  • The API - A swiss-army-knife for anything security-related
  • Perspective - An API using machine learning to reduce toxicity online
  • DiscordRep - An online fraud prevention project
  • Dank Memer Imgen - An image generation API for generating memes and more
  • Carbon/Carbonara - A website to create beautiful code screenshots and the corresponding API

Aero isn't built from scratch, there's a few libraries that we used to build Aero. The most important are:

  • Klasa - An object-oriented framework around discord.js which saves us from writing all the basics
  • discord.js - A powerful and easy to use wrapper around the Discord API
  • MongoDB - A general purpose, document-based, distributed NoSQL database



Credit goes to [ravy]( from [The Aero Team]( (ravy may be replaced by the contributor that wrote the command. If you don't know who did it, it was probably ravy). You can also find occasional credit examples in the command code.


This project was inspired by [Aero](


We exclusively own the copyright to all artworks - they shall not be reused without prior written consent from the copyright holder. Further, you're not allowed to use the name of our project or its contributors to endorse your own project, except as stated in the license.

Feel free to contact us about licensing at


You can find all contributors in the package.json and listed below:

  • Hazel (Project Lead, Community Architecture)
  • Rxsto (Infrastructure Engineering)
  • Dragon (Software Engineering)
  • Stitch (Software Engineering)
  • Harsh Peshwani (Software Engineering)